29 May 2013

No brainer

This is why we* do what we do, why we believe what we do is the way to go, why we trust, amongst others, the Key Competencies, Learning to Learn, Assessment for Learning,  to empower learners to think critically, to be curious and articulate, flexible and adaptable, to act independently and make their own free choices, in their context, in their culture.
Because we** don't want that. Anymore.

* You, me, and so many other teachers
 ** You, me, teachers, lecturers, employers, parents, friends...


  1. Just what I need to comfort me as I wrestle with the 'I choose 'c'' mentality, both of students and the wider context. We're currently nutting out assessment issues and I, as usual, am wondering what on earth I've let myself in for and flagellating myself for not having prepared the students adequately for their mid-year exams. I feel like a fraud in terms of preparing students for the real world. I'm waiting for a big dose of inspiration to carry me through this impasse.

  2. Is preparing students for exam their real word? How I hear you in this comment. Nothing inspiring to share either to take your mind of it. ouch.


Let's go Back to the Drawing Board!