19 June 2013

I am not that visual...

Many are trying to establish a definition of what an ePortfolio actually is. And describing the nature, scope and meaning of ePortfolio will be done in relation with who establishes this definition for what context. I particularly liked this introduction to ePortfolio for students at Victoria Uni.
One comment written by Sarah Stewart on an anti ePortfolio blog post steered me towards picking an other lense to consider ePortfolio. She wrote "ePortfolio is what you want it to be!" Yeah!
I decided to drop (for now!) the institutionalised lense (education context, assessment, evaluation, measured improved outcomes, definition, implementation, eportfolio system...) and to focus on the individual ePortfolio owner* whoever that may be at any time of their life. Folios are life wide and life long and need to be considered from the user's perspective, who is a curious self motivated autonomous proactive agent of his/own learning (coming from a school near us soon!)
I came across this Guide to Digital Portfolio and I liked its presentation format. Maybe because it is flat and linear and that it caught my eye is a reflection of my limited ability to think differently :-)? I would like to master Prezi so that I convey my thoughts and experience about things through using it, but so far my attempts have left me disappointed in the result. I need to work on why? (and suggestions to guide this reflection are welcome!)
Anyhow this is my attempt at describing what an ePortfolio is. For me. Work in progress.

* Bloggers keep blogs, need to think of a name for a person who keeps an ePortfolio...


  1. This looks pretty comprehensive! And all on one page. Would that I were as succinct!
    Nothing immediately comes to mind with regard to the name of a person who keeps an ePortfolio. I suspect that as it's an essentially private endeavour it would be unlikely to achieve the same status as a wildly successful blog which is designed to be read and followed by tout un chacun.
    I see it as more of a digital filing cabinet with a share function.

  2. I can't start to describe how your very lean view is making me jump with joy! This is how mahara/myportfolio more or less started out, the added functions got fleshed on and on through what users said they needed! What I can add though is that it is a filing cabinet that allows you to re use and remix your stuff in different spaces at different times for different purposes. A clever filling cabinet indeed!


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