27 August 2013

It all started with a laugh...

What you get out of sitting with Priscilla, while listening to Prof. Rod Ellis, is a big dollop of sharp humor, a great dose of a fast thinking mind and a fun and creative approach to concepts!
Priscilla caught on the way Pr. Ellis stressed the word "Chunks" several times,  as he introduced the first of the now 11 Principles for instructed second Language acquisition. It was quickly decided that it could be made into a TShirt that got quickly sketched on a phone sketching app!
Then our inner rockchicks thought that the Principles could be listed on the back, just like the Concert Dates! But when you consider that even the Digest for the 10 Original Principles span over five pages, the idea was soon abandoned!
Far from backing down our newly dreamt money making venture, attention moved from TShirt to the more cost effective yet effective message bearer that badges are! Not the Open Badge variety that I am currently falling head over heels for, but the Badge Badge, the one you pin on your lapel or pencil case or iPad sleeve!

So here they are, those badges,  ready for mass production for a huge potential market of Language teachers and learners!


  1. What you get out of sitting with Pascale, while listening to Prof. Rod Ellis, is a massive hit of adrenalin - she fairly fizzes over with enthusiasm and energy - all contained within a very chic French wardrobe!

    1. :-) Merci! And let's get those badges printed!

  2. Like the buttons, you two.
    What I'd like to know is how to get students to buy into this. These are exactly the approaches that I've been promoting since the outset but the result has been a major backlash from unsettled students who don't trust what I say, as it's such a contrast to how they've been taught previously and also such a contrast to the culture of the school. The other major, and highly demoralising, backlash has been from parents who expect language to be taught in a particular way and are suspicious of self-directed learning as reported to them by their offspring. In an environment where students wait to be told the next move and only do things if they're going to be tested on them, there's a lot of marketing to be done to sell what is effectively a different 'subject' from what they have previously understood to be 'French'. I think it helps tremendously if there is a schoolwide acknowledgement of NZC values and wisdom.

  3. Yes yes and yes, a concerted co constructed approach is key. Followed this webinar this pm (after 6hrs of MyPortfolio facilitation, I feel I gave some and I got some learning too!) I will post the link as soon as it becomes available. Two teachers (Geo and PE) presented the stuff they do to put the learning front and centre. Admittedly we know nothing about how much NZC is acknowledged in their schools. And this is a pinterest board I follow about Senior/NCEA and eLearning in NZ http://pinterest.com/virtuallykaren/senior-programmesncea-and-e-learning/
    I know you are so short of time so just remember it is there when you want to/can get to it.

  4. Yes, I am in. I want a T.Shirt Love the ideas of this post Pascale and Ruth.

    1. Thanks Sonya! I ll be very keen to discuss the Principles with you when you get back to NZ. Ruth has totally internalised their intent, I am always a little on the fringe! Now I'd better get those badges/Tshirts printed! :-)


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