28 April 2013

Nano Presentation!

Upon leaving #Ignition13 Sonya (@vanschaijik) asked if I would give a three minute (nano) presentation at the first #teachMeetNZ that she is courageously (and effectively!) lifting off the ground.
This is happening Saturday 4th May at 2pm! 
It will be via Google Hangout and will stream live.
Sonya got a range of teachers say they d give it a go just like that! (Compare this with what it takes to get to agree on a date and time to meet with some colleagues...)

And I said I would join in. 

I am not too worried about the tools, I have used HangOut and screenshare quite a lot (especially since Skype removed screensharing), and right now it looks that the format of TeachMeet requires that I send the moderator (Sonya) my 12 slides spaced with 15" in between. Total time presenting is 3 minutes. That is the scary bit.

Thought I would talk ePortfolio why not? Although I toyed with an idea around Intercultural Competence (maybe another time LOL!)
And that got me to trial the text to speech SlideSpeech. The developer John (@slidespeech)  was showing its capabilities at #Ignition.
I remain unconvinced about the mechanical voice and the intonations. Maybe better than the French accent though. (Edit: I have now chosen to do a voice over version though!)  On the plus side the synthetic voice will deter from focus on content: getting a point across in 3 min flat is a big ask, and I am unsure that what I am saying is either clear or convincing. Having said that I will actually be presenting on the day. If you want to watch, it will stream live from here. There are some cool people lined up.

Anyhow, here is my first ever 3 min worth. I will really welcome feedback my critical friend!

                   You Teach You Learn - ePortfolio approach  

May 4th:
#teachmeet took place and it was a great experience!
Very good presentations indeed! Worth checking out here and more about the presenters on the wiki
Due to last second "stage fright" I pressed on the wrong button and my slides did not display properly. Luckily I was stopped midflow and could readjust! When you show something on Hangout you dont actually see as the other participants. Yet did not capture well on the clip... La prochaine fois!
So here is what I actually presented. Hover over the little cog option tool (bottom left) to bring up speaker's notes):

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