17 April 2013

On the subject of Intercultural competence...

Twitter (@Sarah_FLE, a French teacher at the Institut Français in Madrid) and a post on Facebook Le Zinc by Lesley brought this website to my attention:
Voyages en français
It is inviting interaction from visitors to the site. The curator is also involved in classes quadblogging across countries.
Its section Miroirs is dedicated to adopting an intercultural approach, that awakens the curious and reflective in the learner.
This website is a mine of amazing ideas that would feed a problem based learning approach. Not quite language learning as we know it, but what can be taken from this to incorporate in the classroom as you know it?


  1. That looks interesting. Trouble is the level is B1 which is too advanced for my junior classes. I really need to get together a good bank of motivating on-line material on which to base Year 9 - 10 courses. Pity there aren't enough hours in the day at the moment. Just keeping the head above water. Not sure for how long. Maybe the holidays will give me a fresh perspective and more optimism.

  2. I like how you think. An online bank could be great to help your students get into the swing of working at their own pace and self direct their learning. All great skills that they could expand to other learning areas!


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