13 February 2013

'Back to the Drawing Board'

Just testing, with the help of my models, whether it makes any difference if I write the text above the photo. Hold your breath.....


  1. Yay!! Problem solved with a modicum of tinkering and fine-tuning. This is a perfect example of working things out by trial and error. Text, although written above, appears below on the blog. :-)

  2. That reminds me.... did I ever tell you about the great 'distance' plumbing lesson that François Muller gave me when I was staying at their place in Bagnolet? The bathroom shower tap was on it's last legs and had a habit of shooting off and flooding the bathroom, however, with careful adjustment it could be coaxed back onto the straight and narrow. Well, I was staying there by myself when the family were down in Tarbes, and the tap did the dirty on me. I knew where to turn the water off but didn't know the 'astuce' for fixing the tap. I texted François and he tried to contact his brother (you know, first response - get a man in)but when that failed I suggested we might try a virtual repair lesson. First he sent me off to locate a set of allen keys (or was it a phillips screwdriver?) (I can't remember the translation for allen keys, and who the hell was Allen anyway?). Then, armed with the requisite tools, I effected a magnificent repair following François phone-delivered instructions. Difficult to hold a phone and grapple with a defective tap but we got there.(You'll immediately notice that I didn't think of putting the phone on speaker!!) François observed with satisfaction that it was a perfect example of peer collaborative learning. It was even more satisfying, from my point of view, as it took place entirely in French.

  3. I do remember the story! And the learning was all the more potent that not only you were doing something (mind+body) and there was a need (and an urgent one too!)


Let's go Back to the Drawing Board!