13 February 2013

My assistants wanted to be in on the act!


  1. Now that's funny! I wrote some text under the photo but it didn't appear. Great mysteries.....
    Nothing profound. Just wanted to say 'no sooner said than done' A whizzy wee function indeed. Merci

  2. Another time take the pic with the camera then open your mail app write whatever and attached the pic. I am now commenting from the tablet. All googleapps are so suited to all devices. I d be keen to know if your school has google stuff. `Furry' cool team you have there!

  3. I've just asked that question of my future HOD today. I hope they're googlers. If not I might just have to persuade them they should be. Thanks for setting me on the right track with the posts. I'll give that one a go. It should've been a no-brainer but there aren't many of those when it comes to technology and me.

  4. Well, that doesn't appear to have been a raging success. There is no obvious way of attaching a photo to my mobile emails. Could it be that my iPhone 4 doesn't have that facility or could it be (more likely) that I'm being obtuse?


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