21 February 2013

The assistants prepare for the big move south


  1. And they look jolly happy at the prospect! Oh my...Dunedin is a long way from Tauranga, I am happy to know we got this going. I am immensely curious about your going back to school, it is a great journey worth documenting. How much richer are yiu from the last years as National Adviser? You said in a previous post you don't think you are changing much. Yet influences, currents of thougts, practice change all the time. Tech is prevalent, emphasis on relationships has come to the fore etc. since you were last in the classroom: which will you leverage with your students?

  2. I think that the changes that have been happening are totally in harmony with my underlying philosophy of education which has always been the same but which for much of my career I've had to compromise somewhat to satisfy the system-mongers. That's what I've found frustrating at times. Now, with the support of people who are far better at articulating these things than I am, I feel bolder about holding out for what I really believe in.


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