11 March 2013

A quick look at the teaching environment

Since you'd like to see where I spend most of my day, here are some photos of G7. It used to be a language lab, which explains the two very useful little soundproof rooms to the side. It's like having ones own office and break-out rooms rolled into one. Great for interaction recording, videoing.....

Sorry no students in residence. Most of my classes are around 20 students or less. The conditions should be optimum for learning as long as we can establish the rich repertoire of formulaic language fairly promptly and wean them off being told what to do. It's interesting to see how little they retain from year to year when they don't have much (or any) input into the decision-making.

No time to elaborate just now. We'll reconvene after your West Coast adventures. We'll come to your Dunedin ones whenever they are.

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  1. Very cool to have the little rooms of the main room, that is going to come in so handy! And good numbers too in your classes. Thank you for showing me G7!


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