19 March 2013

Bonsoir Madame!

Things are moving apace in the direction of MyPortfolio. Our Principal is very keen to get you down in term two to do some preliminary work with the willing. She's requested your contact details and I have no doubt that, being a woman of action, she'll be in touch with you very soon. Once we've developed a core of expertise, with your indispensable guidance then the school would look to extending it to all teachers probably in term 4, with a view to being up and running for all students by the beginning of 2014. So if you're keen and available it looks like two trips to Dunedin are in the offing. Bed overlooking harbour chez Bourchier ready at any time. Jacqueline and I are going to be the prime movers and will start with our Year 9's. The administration, which is currently with one of the teachers who doesn't seem to use it, will pass to one of the IT guys who will create a MyPortfolio ID for all staff and students to tap into whenever they're ready, How does that sound?? Not bad moving and shaking for 2 and a bit weeks. The planets were quite simply aligned, particularly with Jacqueline being so keen and IT savvy. She'd be a good Guy Claxton model. Lovely to work with. It's as always a matter of grabbing learning opportunities when they arise. Now to convince the students of this rather than relying on a programme set in concrete and driven by summative assessment for which they haven't yet done the learning but too bad because that's when it's scheduled!! I've just run a wee diagnostic test on the Y11s to see how much of what they covered last year has sunk to the bottom. It varies a great deal but for some it's still floating helplessly on the surface. The challenge is to encourage them to reflect constantly on what they're doing and why. Arousing their curiosity to ask good questions is also a challenge, but a rewarding one. I think that when I wax lyrical about the quality of the questions asked by some students, it might prompt others to do the same.

Lots going on in all my classes but no time to go into detail tonight. Ce sera pour une autre fois......
Watch this space......
^. .^

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  1. I will say it one more time: things are definitely moving fast! And it is pleasing to see as it confirms that investment in a elearning policy over a period of time, supported with good infrastructure and access, a byod policy, and a strong leadership commitment lay the foundation necessary to realise the potential of tools like myportfolio to help transform the learning culture in any given instituion. The planets seem to all align in your school. The next steps will be the uptake. And no doubt it will be best driven by students use as they really are the ones who will make use of and benefit from.
    You talk about grabbing learning opportunities as they arise, that is exactly what myportfolio enables your students to do! If they are given clear criteria for success in words that they understand fully and reuse in their comments and reflections, they should be no limits to them achieving beyond that set criteria! It would be interesting to see if journaling reflections and possibly inviting comments from peers will take off.. Asking good questions: I am not sure I do this myself! Might have to come and sit in your class :) How is the target language going? What percentage of a class time? Even a rough figure? How long to 100%? And what percentage of the classtime do you yourself talk?
    Watching this space indeed!


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