9 March 2013


Hello Ruth,

Congrats about reaching the end of Week One!
I have been thinking of you.
Thought you might appreciate a tisane and some R and R of some sort right now!

You may be interested to read this article by Guy Claxton, called

Virtues of uncertainty

It is not new so you may well have read it before!

Also you may want to listen to this edTalk where Mark Osborne talks about Personalisation, one of the Ten Trends for 2013 identified by Core. If you have 5 minutes you will see why it resonates with me! Those trends are a prediction of what technology changes bring about in the world of NZ education.  It talks about the drivers of change, the impact and the implications. Something for a rainy day maybe... (not that they are few and far between in your turangawaewae!)

Here are a few questions that I have been dying to ask you:
 - What was the best aspect of your first week?
 - If you identify one thing that is going to challenge you in the short term, what are you going to do about it?
 - How is the Wifi? Can you use your phone in class?
 - Are the systems in place straight forward to pick up?
 - Can you take some pics of your learning environment (classroom/s) to show me?

Have a wonderful week end. Off to work with Glenda for a couple of days next week. I have been thinking of a post coming up on Professional Learning, what I ll do in Palmy and NP will certainly provide content.

A bientôt Ruth.
(When I come and visit I want to go there!)


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